Production management system project is useful for manufacturing companies for managing communication between dealers, company, users and suppliers. Java is the programming language used to develop this application. Main objective is to manage all works that are carried out in manufacturing company through a web based application.

Production Management System

Project Introduction:

Manufacturing company will manufacture products based on orders received by dealers. Dealers are located at different places to sell product to customers and companies require suppliers who can supply raw material in short time. In order to manage these three areas in parallel we need a software application which will reflect stock details with orders and raw material requirement and inform officials to product stock.

Product Management System Database Tables:

Billing Management: This module is used to generate bills for selling products for paying money for raw material suppliers. This module consist of product id , parts id, number of required materials.

Dealers Module: This module will have options to manage dealers of each area. Each dealer is given with unique dealer id and name. Dealers status is updated by entering dealer id, name , address, credit limit and status.

Parts Table: This database table contains details of product id, name, description, quantity, Reorder level and status.  Using this table we can know what are the available in stock.

Parts Required Table: In this table details of required parts that to be order is managed. This table contains part order id, part id, and quantity and comments fields.

Products Table: Total products that are supplied by company are updated to this table. Product id, name, description, price and status are fields in this table.

Product Stock Table:  Product stock table contains dealer’s id, product id, quantity and reorder level which will hold total available stock in the company.

Download Production management system project source code in java with database.