Project on ATM Banking system is a banking website which is used for doing transations using ATM Cards. This project is developed in java.

Project Functionality : 

The major functions are divided into two categories

  • Administrative functions
  • User interface functions

Administrative Function

These are the functions that are taken care of at the bank side and reflect all such actions that are governed only at the banks Administrative Areas. They are such functions, which dictate the existence of the actual information, which can be used by the users of the underlying staff for their operational processes consistency.

The Basic Functions Are Specified As Below

  • Managing the information of all the banks, and branches uniquely.
  • Managing the information of the registered customers along with these unique account number and the type of account held by them
  • Information regarding the entire customer who have availed the ATM cards their type and description.
  • Managing the information related to the unique ATM machines and their nearest branch connection, along with the services that are provided by each ATM machine
  • Information regarding the money management with respect to each ATM machine.
  • Managing the details of all the bank employees and their respective designations.
  • Managing the information related to the errors and login standards for security purpose.

User Interface Function

These are the functions that have been designed to take care of the user level information accessibility. They are mainly user interface screens that practically standardize the user with only such tasks, which he is authenticated to perform. The screens will provide a layout of security for the illegal operations that the user may perform.

The functions of the user are specified as below:

  • The user Login Screen, which acts as an entry into the system after proper authentication of the users data.
  • The user Transactional Screen, which identifies the users requirement to execute the required transactions.
  • The users Withdrawal and Deposit Transactions Screen, which make the authenticated users to execute the specific transactions.
  • The user Fund Transfer Screen, which allows the user to transfer the funds in between their accounts from one branch to other branch.

Download Project on ATM Baking System project source code and project report.