The main aim of the project is to enhance the Bluetooth networking by reducing the existing complexity and to increase the portability.


The project has scope sharing information in

  • Business organizations
  • Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institution
  • Offices etc


Bluetooth is not a new technology for this world but the main constraint is its  range since a long time  many are  trying to  improve the  range of a  single  Bluetooth device. A Bluetooth  telephony  model  through  multi-hop  routing is aimed at increasing the range of Bluetooth by alternate method. The basic  idea is  from Students Conference, ISCON  apos;  02.  Proceedings.  IEEE The  very idea of  interlinking  Bluetooth  devices improves the range of Bluetooth network.

Brief Summary:

Bluetooth is a new and promising wireless technology that can satisfy ad hoc networking. Due to the low cost and large industry support, Bluetooth is set to become one of the leading technologies to deploy ad hoc networking. However, Bluetooth’s limitations are in its short transmission range and the support of only eight devices to form a piconet. A one-hop piconet is defined to be a master (root) node joined to at most

seven other slave nodes (leaf). To support more than eight devices, or devices that exist on other piconets not directly within transmission range, scatternets are used, such that many piconets can communicate and share data. This new concept provides Bluetooth with a truly ad hoc networking, where multiple devices can interact with each other.

we have discussed complete design with the help of UML diagrams. Depending upon every diagram we can get broader view to go for direct implementation to know different possibilities. These diagrams are useful to give the communication between different objects and flow of data can also be identified.


Through this multi-hoppig technique data is transferred from one device in one Piconet  /scatternet other piconet.

Download Project on Bluetooth Technology source code in java with project report.