Introduction between packet and circuit switching:

In any network there are two method which are mainly used for switching ( circuit switching and packet switching ) . There is lot of discussion about how resources are shared between these two methods.

Circuit switching: In this method concept of reservation is used which will allocate certain amount of bandwidth.

Packet Switching: This method uses first in first out service bases. In this resource is shared on demand basis . In this method there is no reservation.

Based on the usage and quality of service both methods are used. In mobile networks packet switching is mostly used where as in wired data like internet circuit switching is used.

There are many articles which explains and compares about these two networks but in this project we are going to show difference between reservation based and non-reservation based switching.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing both existing and proposed system main difference is type of service network provider is providing based on users type. In existing system resources are allotted based on requirement at that moment but in proposed system paths to destination is set which are reserved.

Proposed System:

In an RB (Reservation Based) scheme, a source first reserves a multi-hop route to its destination, i.e., it reserves intermediate nodes before the actual transmission begins. The reserved intermediate nodes are required to relay only the message generated by the specific source. This gives the source an exclusive access to the path to the destination.

In proposed system first we will analyze when reservation based network is used and when non reservation based switching is used using a analytical model also called as queuing model. In both cases we will compare network performance with  throughput, delay in transmission and max and minimum speed.  After analysis results are traced and significant review is reported.

Away from comparing speed and other things in this project in which condition these two switching methods are useful is proposed. In first stage we will check when RB is preferable  and when NRB is preferable.

Project working:

In the first stage Non Reservation Based Routing is tested and results are stored and in second stage Reservation Based Routing is performed and results are compared with both method and chart is displayed.

Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access


Download Project on Comparing Circuit and switching methods project code and project report.