Project cost estimation tool project is developed to provide a best tool to estimate accurate cost for new project. This application will work on single variable model, COCOMO81 model, basic model, intermediate model and detailed model, COCOMO11, Application composition model, early design model, post architecture model.

Project introduction: 

Software companies works on various stages of software project management which is part of project planning, analysis and monitoring. Objective of this software management is to analyze what are future requirements and man power required to complete project and cost for development in given time. Among all these planning tools we need a effective software cost estimation tool which plays vital role in taking important decisions about project.

Project abstract:

Software cost estimation tool uses best features of  neuro fuzzy constructive cost model like learning ability and good interpretability without changing existing COCOMO model . Compared to existing neural network method proposed fuzzy constructive method is used by experts and has good analyzing options. Main advantage of this method is it will take imprecise and uncertain input and provide best results in cost estimation.

 How project works:

User should register with application and login with user id and password and select software cost models. User can select different types of models available and can view analyses of project with different models.

Download Project Cost Estimation Tool project source code in java with project report.