Network congestion control protocol project comes under networking project  which explains about how to control congestion in a end to end network which was not possible by existing methods. In a network scalability and robustness are analysed to calculate internet congestion control. With existing protocols there are issues like packet collapse, unfairness and unresponsive to network. These issues can be solved by introducing new methods like network border patrol (NBP ).  This new method uses feedback method between networks and find out unresponsive traffic entering in to network and creating congestion. In this method ECSFQ technique is used for providing accurate bandwidth allocations to competing flows. 

 Project on Network Congestion Control

Project on Network Congestion Control






REGISTRATION MODULE   :                                   

Using registration module users should check with server if he is authenticated user or not. If user is certified by server user will get id and password.  Client and server based authentication is done in this module which will check registered user and find out un authorized user. Server will check details with database and generate required information to client.


Client will login to application with user name and password which will authenticate with server and check in database if details are valied users will login. Client can upload files to database or retrieve files from database. Multiple users will share server details and database based on user priority server will provide access to client.


Server runs on backend which will have access to database. When ever user requests any file or authentication server will check with database and give response to user based on defied query.  Server side logic is written to search for files in database as well check help of cryptography procedure.


Feedback algorithm is used in this application for checking speeds of different packets and takes decision on which packets speed should be controlled. In algorithm will trace all packets in the network which are travelling at different speeds which will cause congestion


This module will help is reducing speed of packet which is done ate the entry point of the network router.  To know about which packet speed should be controlled details of packets are taken from feedback algorithm.  To reduce packet speed we are using patrol type method to certain level. 

Download Network Congestion Control project source code in java with project report.