This Project on virtual Private Network will cover all details that are required to develop VPN Network application in java programming language. Modules explanation is provided below.

Project on Virtual Private Network

Modules for Project on Virtual Private Network:

The Centralised Management System consists of a login screen and 3 modules

     There are basically 3 modules

  • Administration module
  • Marketing module
  • Training module
  •  Office details
  •  Staff details
  •  Enquiry
  •  Student Registration
  •  Course and Fees Details
  •  Salary details

Administration module exists for

Office details

Staff Details

  •  Staff attendance
  •  Adding Clients
  •  Client list
  •  Placement details
  •  Course details
  •  Project training

Marketing  module exists for

Training Details exists for

Course Details consists of

  • J2EE Training
  •  Call center Training
  •  Software Testing
  •  Networking

Project Training consists of

  • List of projects 


Scalability – This is one of the most important features that is in need. It refers to the inclusion of new clients within the network. If this provision is not provided the whole of the network may prove to be of little use in future when the organization is expanding.

Remote Back up Server – This extends its way out to creating a back up for every single file created within the WAN automatically.An advanced version of this might be creating a back up for every request from the client to the server( vice-versa) and the response of the same to it.This proves to be of much help in cases of system crash down.

Remote Monitoring – This feature as the name suggests would monitor or keep track of all the activities done by every single individual or client within the network. This helps in  avoiding the misuse of the systems providing additional security within the network.

Providing Certification -  In order for the two (or more) LANs to interact with each other we need to provide Certification. This certification may be either user level or the server level or both so as to provide security. This has got to be done using Software

Providing Acknowledgement  - In cases we maybe  unsure if the data sent has reached the correct destination and that too without any error in the transmission path. This maybe over come by providing acknowledgement signals back to the front end once the data have reached the destination . Our task here is to generate a code which shall verify if the data have been received without any corruption and then generate an acknowledgement signal to the other end.

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