Real estate website is a web portal for business people who want to sell plots and apartments and this is useful for users to find available plots with sizes and cost and apartments. Users can contact respective person to know details.

Project AIM:

. The main task here is to store different details which are very important for business at a centralized location with proper security through user friendly screens.

2. Creating different users and give them access to enter customer details, plot details, sales and payments from different branches of the company.

3. Display the required information which should give the provision to the employee to get full information regarding his requirements for various plots.

Real Estate Website Screens: 

The screen for the code generation is divided into 4 different menus. The first menu contains the options to create a new user and assign a role to that user. These options will only be displayed for the administrator. It is also having the facility to change the user password. The second menu is for maintaining the details of the employees in our company. It allows the administrator to add an employee and view the details of an employee. The third menu is for maintaining the details about different plots. It allows the users to add the plot details, edit the plot details and view the plot details. It also has a facility to generate the report for knowing the business which includes sold plots info, reserved plots info and reserved plots info. The fourth menu is for maintaining the details about plot sales and their payments. It allows the users to enter the details of the sales details of a plot, alter the sales entry and view sales entry information. It also allows the users to enter the payments of the customers and view the payments details. It also has a flexibility to generate the report for sundry debitors and sundry creditors.


The result of the Real estate website is that it supports many Realtors companies to manage all their transactions with unique interface, through which the all the problems are solved within given time and it shows efficiency in getting status of a plot/flat and generates different business reports in accurately. This application E-care can be run with the minimal administration.

Download Real estate website Project source code, project documentation