The main objective of Web Based Recruitment Management System Project in Java is to make easy the recruitment process of any organization. This system enables the organizations to recruit the candidates, who have qualified to the required criteria. With out delay send the mails to all jobseekers, whose skills are matched to the requirement of job provider.  Another aim is that reduce the communication gap between the Job Seeker and Job Provider. The main target of this system is to be reliable to the all the jobseekers while searching the jobs. 

Web Based Recruitment Management System

Recruitment Management System Project Advantages:

  • WRMS is a tool to reduce communication between Job providers and Job Seekers.
  • Globally there are a lot of changes in IT markets; they are appearing different trends in the market. Based on that, this is the best tool to recruit the people.
  • The process can be done very easily by WRMS.
  • WRMS is the best time saving tool to the both the parties Job Provider and Job Seeker.
  • WRMS is also a cost effective system, like conducting test are on-line and sending the notification through mails. 

Proposed System:

The administrator can view the jobs, queries, add or delete the job vacancy, and also can add or delete employees to the system. The interviewer can login to the system and check the list of candidates attending for the interview on a particular date. The HR Manager can add new jobs, modify the requirements for the existing vacancies, and delete the posts that are already filled. The job provider can add or delete questions to the online test.  The HR Manager has to register with the system.  He can login to the system with his unique id and password.  After login he can change his password. 

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