Road Transport Authority project is a online web application which is developed in java using SQL. Using this application services that are provided by RTA is provided through online.  At present most transport authorities are providing online service. Developing this application as mini project is a best option for students.

Road Transport Authority

Advantages of Road Transport Authority Application:

Users can apply for driving license, vehicle registration; submit tax information, RTO forms and selecting slots for registration and test drive, vehicle registration, license submission.

User can check updates of application through online. There is no need to visit RTO office for help.

Users who want to know details of vehicle and under whos name it is purchased and registered he can view details from website by submitting registration number. This feature is useful for users who are buying second hand vehicles.

User can apply from any location and visit RTA office by knowing time of slot.

Forms Overview:

Below listed forms are main forms this application which will help user to apply for type of application they are looking for.

Adding Slot for Test Drive:    

When user want to book slot for giving test drive at nearby RTA office he can login to this website and use this module to book slot based on available time. Booked and available slots are shown in green and red color.

Add Slot for Vehicle Registration:

Using this form user can book slot for vehicle registration. User should submit online form and submit details while filling form.

Booking Slot for Learning License, Booking Slot for Vehicle Registration: These three forms are useful for booking slot by paying money through online.

Admin Settings: User can change personal setting like password, user name and login to application.

Download Road Transport Authority project in Java with source code, Project Report, Documentation, PPT .