The main purpose of the RSS Reader Project in Java is to minimize the delay between the publications of new content at a source and its appearance at the aggregator. Aggregator application must be effective for retrieving latest postings from websites quickly and make data available to user for reading in short time span.

RSS Reader

 Project Category:

RSS aggregator Management System

Existing System

The present system is using the traditional homogeneous Poisson model. It is not independent of particular data source i.e. the data can be either a web page or RSS feed. The data can be re-down load from the data sources frequently but the present system is not able to adopt the frequently changes in data sources. 

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Proposed System

             The proposed system overcomes the above difficulties by using the new Monitoring algorithms they are retrieval policies scheduling policies. In this system we have been developing a new content- monitoring policy in which we are implementing the inhomogeneous Poisson process to performing the postings on the data sources and a delay metric to evaluate the algorithms. 


The proposed system is developed  with the new content monitoring policies and inhomogeneous Poisson process as well as delay matrices to evaluate the monitoring policies for RSS feeds.

RSS Reader or Aggregator  Functional Requirements:

             The major functional requirements of the system are as follows.

1. To access the information from the various data Sources.

2. To get the user preferred data from the data sources.

3. The data should be accessed with in the minimum time delay.

4. The RSS content is to be monitored depending upon the time.

5. To aggregate the content of the rss source.

6. To efficiently convert the aggregated content into browser viewable document.

7. The aggregator should efficiently run as a threaded program with out compromising the system resources.

8. The resources allocation is to be optimum to achieve the minimum Retrieval time delay.

9. The user will be intimated through email whenever the data sources are modified.

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