Schemes project is a portal for displaying approved schemes by government which can be viewed by any user and know about each scheme. These schemes will cover all centre and local government of different levels.

Using these portal citizens can’t track status of each application and contact respective person for approval. 

Project Purpose:

Government will offer many schemes for different background citizens like agriculture, employees, business persons ..etc . This portal will help users to view all schemes information and apply through online and track status. 

Existing and proposed system:

          Main difference in both the systems are access of data and procedure to apply for schemes with minimum work and not need to contact any one to track status of works.  This process will reduce manpower and corruption.

Modules overview:

There are five main modules admin, user, scheme and reports and employees 

Admin will have permission to upload new schemes and delete modify existing schemes.  User can login and view schemes and apply for schemes where are employee with check application form and process file and update status of application.

Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access 

 Download Schemes Project in java source code, project report.