School management system project  is  a multi user with user friendly graphical user interface. Main objective of this application is to provide a software application for schools to manage each students fees, accounts, attendance, time table and teachers salary management ..etc.


School management is also called as SIMS is used in most of the school all over the world. This software woks under client server architecture with centralised database using mysql. In this java is used for business logic. This application will fulfill all types of students and school related needs.  This application is divided in to multiple small modules which can help school to manage employee attendance, students attendance, salary ..etc.

Project Introduction:

School management software is a web portal developed in java programming language. This application will have features like student management, salary management, fee collection, account management, time table.

Existing and proposed system:

Main difference between existing and proposed system is integration of all works in a single application with minimum manual work. In existing we used to have manual system where data is managed in records where are proposed system we are using database which can store data in centralized database. Based on our requirement we can retrieve records from database.

Modules overview:

There are four main modules admin, students, teacher, and parents

Admin: admin will be main module who has permission to view all other members details add, delete, update and modify records to database. He can add students attendance, marks, fees detail .

Student module: student can view his fees details, marks, attendance from his profile.

Teachers: teachers can view attendance details, leaves, salary ..etc.

Parents: Parent’s module can view their students details which are uploaded by admin.

  Software requirements:

Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

Download School Management System Project in java source code with project report.