Search Engine Optimization Project in Java is a web application that will check submitted pages with known search engine algorithms and make suggestion to improve the ranking. The ranking algorithm of each search engine will store in xml files for. The algorithms will be updated regularly by studying the ranking pattern of the search engines.  This system will also generate xml files that are compatible with Google and yahoo.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Features:

  • In the Home page user has to enter the keyword (like books, events etc), that he want to search.
  • In second page it displays the results on the basis of key word. If  he wants books in particular area (like software, finance, sports etc) then he / she has to enter that key word
  • It takes the key word and displays the results in that any small part also matched
  • This is also like a search engine like yahoo, Google etc.
  • In this system user can view the articles in all formats
  • This is totally web based system and works on all operating systems.
  • No registration is needed to access this search engine, any body can access from any where in the world.

For design details and screen shots and over view about this project watch this video

Download Search Engine Optimization Project Source code, project report, documentation, ppt