Search Engine Project PPT is for students who want to develop search engine project in java. This ppt covers project design, screen shots, flow chart, data flow diagram and links to download project source code.

Integrated desktop search is a standalone system. It provides modules for Crawling, indexing, sorting and searching the files of various text, document, image and video formats that can be located at various terminals connected to network. A good start to understanding what you need from your intranet search engine is to firstly understand the role of the intranet for your organization.

     What is the objective of the intranet? Is it to provide human resources information to staff? To provide information to your help desk?  Or to support the sales team? Perhaps the intranet is designed to meet a number of different objectives. Once these are clearly defined, you can begin to determine how a search engine can best add value.

Existing System

In the existing system, the user can only search in his/her own computer, if the requirement is to search a file in the remote terminal on intranet, its’ not possible to search on the remote terminal with the existing desktop search tool available. 

Limitations of the existing system

  • The user is limited to search in once own terminal.
  • The user is unable to make a search on remote terminal on an intranet.

Search Engine Project Features:

The desktop search in the intranet is a tool using some keywords to search various myriad files. It is useless only sharing file descriptions or snippets to others. It is transparent that the user requesting desktop search wants not only to view the file descriptions, but also to download entire file which can be viewed and even modified from remote computer.

Download Search Engine Project PPT and source code from below reference links.