Secure data transmission project explains about a process of hiding data inside a message for securing data available in the transmitted message. With this method we had increase security issues which we normally see while data is transmitted on the network. Least significant bit is the process which is normally used to secure content by hiding in the image.

Secure Data Transmission


File transfer protocol is one of the data transmission methods used for transferring large data files in a secured manner. But this method is not used in transferring data between individuals. This procedure is used inside organizations or websites for transmitting large amount of data. 

Secure Data Transmission Project Scope:

In this application we use three index terms mainly LSB, Transmission and image viewer.

Inside image data is secured using LSB method for which we use server sockets for transmitting information on the network. As the data is hidden in the image we need image viewer to view images which are of normal and steno type.

This process is used on sending side similarly on receiving side same software is installed. After receiving message image is opened using image viewer which will tell user is there any data hidden inside image. If information is available then client socket will receive data.


Using this secured data transmission model data is transmitted securely on network using available techniques which are explained below.

Other advantage of the application is hackers cannot access data because of the algorithms used and password protection and encryption techniques used.

This method is useful while sending secured messages with high level of encryption techniques. 

Download secured data transmission system project source code in with project report and ppt presentation.