For implementing Server Load Sharing Simulation project we need socket programming for which java is the best option for peer to peer communication. Other reason for using java is we are using proactive routing , dynamic routing . Java works as platform independent and covers all network concepts. MS Access is used a database.


Server Load Sharing

Server Load Sharing

In a LB we have centralized LB server.

The LB Server performing the following process…Process the Client Request / Response. Maintain the file List in different file formats. Send the appropriate file list to the Client for user selected file type. .Also allocates the server for each client.

Every new client request for the download process, the Threshold value is updated.

Threshold value is find out the client request to LB server and LB Server send the request to current process allocate server and get the response time from the above same wise versa.

Each time we compare the existing response time and current response time.

LB Server is forward the client request to the appropriate servers based on its response time.

Each Request performing time we compare the Existing and current response time.

If the current response is greater than to the previous value then the next server allocating for the next request

Every client request comes to LB server then these way only server is allocated.

When the client request exceeds the currently running process than it will forward to the next server.

The new process is comes then now it will go the new allocating server.

Server get the Client request file from the appropriate server place and that is transfer to the client through the LB Server.

All the processing is done through by LB Server way.

LB Server is allocating the server for every new client request.

Dynamically allocating the server for each client.

But process performed   all the clients execute LB synchronously.

Every request, response, allocating server these all information’s are maintain by one queue in server.

These processes are handled by the LB server.

Software Requirements: 

Operating System                                 Windows NT

Languages                                             Java 2.0, Jsp, Jdbc, Pramati

Application Server 3.0

Web Technologies                                HTML, JavaScript.

Back End                                              Oracle 8.0

Documentation Tool                             Microsoft word 2000


Download Server Load Sharing Simulation Project in java with source code.