The main purpose of signature based indexing  Project method for efficient content based retrieval of temporal patterns is to develop a system that creates index on set of rules in database so that the rule selection becomes easy. The primary objective of this system is to speed up pattern selection and rule selection. As a result it increases data mining process and knowledge discovery process. Its focus is also finding temporal patterns and generating knowledge using temporal patterns.

Signature Based Indexing

Project Scope

The scope of the product is to reduce the time involved in searching the patterns and to increase the speed of finding temporal patterns to be used in association rule mining. Since, association rule mining is used in marketing companies to execute queries for performing market basket analysis. Our system is helpful to support datamining system in large book stores, large super markets where our system helps the marketing analysts and CEO’s in running data mining queries.

Watch this video to know design details, screen shots, dfd

Product Features

This project focuses mainly at features like

  • It is for grouping the similar patterns when the user given query is not accurate.
  • It includes the feature of converting the retrieved data for query into patterns.

Download Signature Based Indexing  Project in Java source code, project report documentation, ppt.