Simulation for moving train project is a java application which shows how train controlling system works like control speed, time gap , two way direction train control.


This system is aimed to give a better out look to the user interfaces and to implement concurrent train simulations like: 


a)   Auxiliary Counter.

b)   Track Circuit.

c)   IB Section.


d)   Color Light Signaling Panel.

e)   Panels.

f)    24 Conductor slots. 

Auxiliary counter:

Auxiliary counter counts the number of wheels of the train. 

It is placed a few distances away before the station and after the station, beside the tracks.

When the train was entering into the station it counts the number of wheels of the train.

The counted number of wheels was send to the block instrument then the block instrument was clear (the number of wheels of the train is set as the default in the block instrument).

The number of wheels which was counted by the auxiliary counter must tally with the block instrument number other wise the block instrument will not clear.

The auxiliary counter which is present at the end of the station also counts the number of wheels.

The number of wheels counted by the auxiliary counter which is present at the end of station must tally with the first auxiliary counter.

If the numbers of wheels are matched then, the track is cleared.                

  Track Circuit:

The track circuit is used to change the tracks.

This circuit will change the route of the train from one track to another; it is used to displays the signals to pass or stop the train in the particular platform or track that it has to be moved, the total operation is maintained by station manager.

Track circuit is used to place few distances from starting and ending of the station. Because it is used to change the route of the train from one track to another if any train is present on the track.

When the train enters near the track circuit it displays “First yellow” light, after that it again displays Second Yellow Light, again displays Third Yellow Light on the caution, after the train is leaving from the track circuit it displays Green Light(the train as left from the station).

IB Section:

There are two types of IB sections



By using this inter block section, only one train is allowed to pass through the same track in the same direction.

IB section covers up to some distance only.

This IB section checks whether the train is passed or not.



By using this intermediate block section two trains can be allowed to pass through the same track in same direction one after other.

It covers up to some distance.

This IB section sends the signals to another station after the train has left the station. In this IB section machine there will be three Blocks.

  1. Train on line
  2. Line closed
  3. Line cleared                                                                                                                                 

It consists of an arrow needle, 

Train Online: when the train is on the platform, the needle Moves towards the block “train online”.

Line Closed: If the train leaves away from the platform it shows “line is closed”. 

Line Cleared: If the train has reached another station it shows “line cleared”.

IB section is maintained manually, when the train has passed from the station the message from the IB section is send to another station.

After leaving the train from the platform then the signal is sent to the IB section, which is in the upcoming station then the button of IB section is pressed.

The arrow which is in the IB section shows “line closed”.  After entering into another station the IB section gives hint by sending beep sound then the button is to be pressed, then the arrow shows the “line closed”. This was done manually and the information is passed to another station through cabin incharge.

Download Simulation for Moving Trains Project Source code in java with project report.