The project entitled Inspection Tool software Testing Project in Java mainly consist of four modules, these modules are classified based on the task carried out by each group of persons in the company. The modules are:

  • Administrator
  • Moderator
  • Inspector
  • Author 

Inspection Tool software Testing Project in Java


      The administrator is a person responsible for creating or removing authenticated users on demand. This module helps to add and remove projects and enters author details for each phase of the project. It is also possible to view the details of both the user and projects. The administrator is provided with a well-defined graphical interface to achieve these tasks. 


            Moderator leads the inspection activity. It is responsible for:

  • Selection of cross check user.
  • This person examines a set of related documents with the primary objective of finding potential defects.
  • Creating inspection master plan template for various phases which consist of major and minor defects regarding the document.
  • Viewing documents such as inspection master plan template.
  • Conduct various meetings such as kick-off meeting, logging meeting and brainstorming.
  • All the three meetings are conducted through chatting facility. 

Kick-off meeting: 

      This meeting is the primary meeting as concerned with the project. In this meeting the expectation and assumptions of the project is discussed by the concerned members and is entered in the corresponding fields by the moderator.       

Logging meeting: 

      In this meeting the comments related to the project discussed in the earlier meeting is entered in the corresponding fields. If there is any repetition of the comments, those comments are not logged. 

Brain Storming: 

      In this meeting the improvement suggestions based on the comments are justified and later on the agreement they are entered in the corresponding fields. 


            In this module a tool is used to check the standard of coding and the error is stored in defect table from which the defect logging sheet is prepared. 


            The author is to view the project details, user details, project allocation, inspection master plan template and defect logging sheet.

Download Inspection Tool software Testing Project in Java Source Code, Project Report, Design Details and Database.