Natural language processing (nlp) is a subfield of artificial intelligence and linguistics.It researches the problems of automatic era and expertise of natural human languages. Natural language technology structures convert facts from laptop databases into everyday-sounding human language, and Natural language expertise systems convert samples of human language into more formal representations which are less complicated for pc packages to manipulate.

Natural language processing is the synthetic shrewd idea in which the machines understand natural languages like English, Korean, French, Telugu, hindi.. and so forth., we’re going to broaden a device so that it will take the database queries inside the shape natural language after which approaches it and gives the result.This includes many sub additives like language analyzer, query builder, and viewer. the device will first parse the question in herbal language and unearths the major elements inside the string. Then first it will search for the table name and then it parses the string for the where clause and then for the order by means of the clause. After parsing it will assemble the query string based at the statistics to be had. The generated square question is posted to the database to fetch the consequences.

Existing System:

In the contemporary system, the queries are in high-stage languages like a square.The individual that is the use of that project has to research the sql and write the queries in the high-level languages.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is a new system so as to apprehend the natural language and converts the natural language query into the sql query. The machine will use the English elements of speech, divides and identifies the nouns, verbs, and conjunctions. Question is performed within the Oracle database. The results are again proven inside the natural language.

Download SQL Query Generation Using NLP Project in Java source code, document, PPT.