Stationery Shopping Center Project in Java based web application for purchasing products through online. This application consist of all features that are required for purchasing and payment by online. 

In Our country context the sales person receives items from supplier, arrange item on catalog. The customer contacts the sales person by visiting the item on catalog then selects the item, and asks the sales person cost of item. The sales person again response to the customer then gives items for customer. The customer receives the item, pays cost of item to sales person. The sales person receives money and gives receipt for customer. The customer receives receipt.

Proposed System:

When we are coming to the proposed system it provide an easy and effective selling , buying an item , develop a user friendly interface and avoids the need for unnecessary physical interaction. And also it will be a web based system so the customer can be got services through this system. The system also will have Administration security features.

Target Beneficiaries of Stationery Shopping Centre:

There are different bodies that can be benefited from the proposed stationery shopping centrer. The main beneficiaries of this system are:-

  • Customer: customers can get flexible, fast accesses from this system during transaction.
  • Sales Person: the sales person he/she which have their item can able to deliver their product within their time for his/her customer.
  • Arbaminch University: the university becomes well-known or popular   in the country besides to this project.
  • Project team: we get good knowledge from this project, develop self confidence and after doing this project we can overcome over software development.
  • Government: government also benefited from this project. A country which have this system can have a good transaction way.

Feasibility Study :

Operational Feasibility

The proposed system can be used effectively after it has been developed. Users will not have any difficulty with the new system, producing the expected benefits. System doesn’t require much training for users and the new system will not place any new difficulty on users or require any operating changes. So the new system is operationally feasible.

Technical Feasibility

Technically, our system is feasible Costumer can able to order an item and search an item easily. The Customer, owner and sales person uses our system without any difficult, because it is easily understandable, clear. It doesn’t require any technical expertise.

Behavioural/Political Feasibility

This will provide a good working standard making the selling and buying process easy during that transaction. The proposed automation stationery shopping centre  will be a significant contribution to the development our country hence politically feasible.