Stock analyzer for godowns project is a web based application which uses centralized database for managing data. Stock analyzer application is management software developed for managed inflow and outflow of stock. In order to manage customers and goods information we need a effective software with time updating, cost, customers details, delivery and return dates..etc.

Project Development:

For stock analyzer we use java as a front end using swings, html technologies .  For this application mysql version 5.0 is used as database.

Existing and proposed system:

Industries like reliance, Wal-Mart..etc which need a effective stock management software. For big industries stock will be delivered to various parts of country and updated to stores. In existing system this procedure is managed in records which is time taking and cost of human resource will increase.

    In order to overcome this problem we need a effective software application which can create id for each delivery and update these details to centralized database. This database is available at ever store.

Advantages of Stock analyzer:

Stock is managed using ids in centralized database.

Easy to access old records and analyze old and new records based on date and time.

Effective method to restore and backup old records.

Stock analyzer application is divided in to many modules which are explained below.

Employee Details Module: In employee details module information of each employee working in organization for managing stock is managed. Employee attendance, salary, leaves ..etc. 

Stock Updating Module:   This module is used for updating latest stock update to godown . Admin will update stock type, stockid, time and date . Each product is given unique id which can be searched using this id.

Deliveries Module:  Information of stock delivery is managed using this module When stock is shipped based on its id details are updated where are product is delivered with time and other details .These details will be updated to centralized database. 

Download  Stock Analyser for Godowns  project in java