Stock and Portfolio Management System Project in Java application has been developed to act as a bridge between the stock broker and trade. The manual latency that exists in the system is eliminated and also the job scheduling standards becomes very faster within the system.

Stock and Portfolio Management System

The basic structure of the system.

  • Maintain and manage the information of all the traders who purchases and sells the Stock shares through brokerage.
  • Maintains and manages the information for all the logins for traders as well as the stock brokers.
  • Maintains and manage the information of Stock details of opening prices and closing prices of the day.
  • Maintains and manages information about the stock purchases and stock sales.

The scope of the Stock and Portfolio Manager System is as follows:

Traders: This module deals with tracking of the share prices, the Stock performance observation of the stock, Buy or sell suggestions from the broker, Placking the order to the broker either for selling the share or the buying the share. 

Brokers: This module deals with the actions and roles of the broker, includes the suggestions for the trader about the buy or sell the share, accepting the orders from the traders and users, updating the information about the opening and ending stocks. Buying and selling of shares, Collection of the percentage in the broking and Keeping the records. 

The communication architecture is designed by concentrated on the standards of servlets. The Database connectivity is established using the Java Database Connectivity.

Download Stock and Portfolio Management System Project Report in Java with PPT.