Stop Global Warming  Project in Java is a web based application developed  to spread awareness of the vital issue in Global Warming that is threatening life on this planet.

Stop Global Warming


The system provides accessibility to all registered members who have a valid login name and password. The members can:

  1.  Receive regular newsletters.
  2.  Participate in discussion forum.
  3. Go through the news headlines across the world regarding global warming in the web site.

Users of the System

  1. Anonymous users.
  2. Group members.
  3. Government / Non-government agencies.
  4. Administrator.

Stop Global Warming System specific modules :

Registration and user login module:

For those users who wish to extend their support either as an active member (volunteer) or as a passive member (normal user), a common registration form is available in the website. The registered users must login with their login name and password provided during registration to access their profile, participate in the discussion forum etc.  

User authentication module:

If a user forgets password then his/her login name and password will be sent to his/her email address after certain authentication. For authentication a security question which the user enters during registration is asked. If the answer he/she enters matches the actual answer provided to his security question during registration then a mail is immediately sent to his email address. 

User profile management module:

 Every registered user can update his profile information after logging in with his login details. A provision to change the password is also provided through his profile page. 

Newsletter module:

Administrator sends a regular newsletter to all the registered users who subscribed for it. In the registration form a check box is provided for the users to subscribe on their interest. The user who has already subscribed for a newsletter can unsubscribe from his profile page. 

Discussion Forum module:

  1.  Users can interact and share their views with other registered users regarding global warming through the discussion forum.
  2. For participating in the discussion forum the user must be registered and logged in.

Project Report contains full design details, data flow diagram,sequence diagram, class diagram, database tables, Screen shots, sample source code in java. Students can request for project report using comment form.