Project introduction:

Student and staff automation system project is database management software with front end data updating using java html pages. Application is developed for colleges and schools for handling data of students and staff in a single database. Admin will upload details of student and queries for new course details. Admin can update, delete and modify existing data from database.

Students and Staff Automation System Project

Students and Staff Automation System Project

Existing system:

In existing system students and faculty must visit different departments and wait for department staff to get information about any queries and this will involve different stages of process moving file from one department to other. In this process students and staff should waste time. In process is a manual process.

Proposed system:

Proposed system works on automation process where we use software tools to develop a app using java and mysql database. In this system process of work flow from application process to deliver process will be by on line. This process will save time and reduce manual work.

Advantages of the proposed system:

  1. Data management is easy and effective.
  2. Data management will be easy. Admin or user can view data of any records in short time by just entering in search field.
  3. Time taken for report generation and record retrieval is very short.
  4. Data security is provided for total records .
  5. Any department inside organization can easily access old and new data in short time. 

Drawbacks in the existing system:

Dis advantages of existing system are given below which are major reasons for moving to updated version.

Time delay:

Time taken for processing any type of work for students and faculty is more.


Information of each user is maintained in multiple tables which will provide redundancy.

Nonuser Friendly:

Since existing system is not an automated process which is not user friendly.

Download Students and Staff Automation System Project Source code in java with project report.