In the process of Software development there are many stages where every stage there will be tasks to handle. In order to manage these tasks, task management system project is developed in Java.

Task Management System

Project Category:

Task Management Application software

Project Abstract:

Software development cycle consists of Designing, coding, Testing, Tracking and reporting. Every cycle will have different tasks to be complete as individual or group of members for sharing information and updating latest modifications and complete task in a procedure oriented manner.

Task management is the process of managing all these tasks as combine , in order to manage these tasks we use task management software. This software plays important part in project management.

Activities supported by this software:

Assigning work to individuals with a plane and update status as completed, pending.

Useful in design, planning, sales, quality and other management areas for ensuring product to reach customer in given time.

Tacking assigned work and performance of employees and calculate time , cost control and priorities.

Details are displayed in graphical manner.

Download Task Management System Project web client module source code


Reduces time for completing project

Easy to assign work for employees and track time, cost, priorities.

At a time multiple tasks can be completed and tracking is done simultaneously.

Project leader can deliver product to client in given time.

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