Project on telecom customer service management system deals with computerisation of work flow in telecom department. This is like a department portal which will have options to manage customer’s details and application submission features.

Telecom Customer service Management System

Telecom Customer service Management System

Project Introduction: 

Telecom industry is the fast growing technology all over the world. There are large numbers of customers for each telecom operator, in order to manage users requests and provide effective service there is need for a management software which can handle complaints, entries, enquires, applications.

Existing system:

Most of the service providers provide customer support to users by phone of office support.  In this existing process users can not get effective service and time for communication is less and service will be limited.

Proposed system:

In proposed system there is no need for user to call any customer care or visit office to submit application form or ask for any queries. There is web application which will help user to submit online and get work done in short time.

Modules overview:

This application works on four modules

Application module: In this module users can fill form for new connection and submit required documents through online.

Enquiry module: In this module enquiry on any specific topic is available. Users can search for existing answers or they can post query to team members and get support.

Complaints:  Any issues related connection user can use this module and post queries with exact issue and get support.

Download Telecom Customer service Management System project source code in java with project report.