Telecom service information system project is accessible to users and employees for knowing about telecom services that are provided by service providers. Users can know about different services provided by service providers with call costs, packages. This application is useful for providing service to user in a better way.

Telecom Services Information System

Telecom Services Information System

Project Objective:

This web portal is useful for both users and employees of service providers. Users can login to application and know about services whereas employee can view customers details.


At present there are many mobile service provides who are providing different type of services like postpaid, pre-paid, data packages..etc.  There are websites for each service provider which will provide information of packages and services they are offering. In this application we are going to develop this type of application.

Existing and proposed system:

There are web portals which provide information of services they are offering but there are no applications which can handle both customer service and employee service in a single module. In this application we use a simple web portal which can service employees requirement and customers requirement. 

Problem Statement and Explanation:

Using this web portal users can log complaints using account and these queries can be solved by customer care executive . This process will automate process of customer service .

Services offered by this application: 

 Prepaid service:  information related to prepaid recharge, call cost for roaming and offers are updated in this module.

Postpaid service: Postpaid users can login and view bill payment information, monthly bill, pending bills and offers.

Services:  Other services like news, value added services details are available on this module.

Download Telecom Services Information System Project source code in java with project report.