Text editor application gives an overview about how to design a simple text editor in java. Using this editor user can edit, modify, create a new text document and perform other operations.

Text editor is a basic textual content editor that you could use to create easy files. The maximum not unusual use for jtext editor is to view or edit text files. It helps handiest very basic formatting; you can’t accidentally keep special formatting in documents that want to stay pure text.That is particularly beneficial while developing Java programs, HTML files for a web page due to the fact unique characters or another formatting won’t seem to your posted internet page or can also even reason errors.
You may keep your jtext editor documents as Unicode, ANSI, utf-eight, or large-endian Unicode.These codecs provide you extra flexibility when running with files that use exceptional person units.

The jtext editor utility is a menu driven application that plays textual content modifying operations which includes record, edit, search and help operations.

Existing System:

The prevailing machine has many drawbacks like keeping data for all customers, online transactions is not feasible, and manpower is needed.  it’s far more tough by using verifying all of the statistics and making reports for every and each transaction, up and down time info and the very last reviews which are going to be saved to their transaction ought to be saved relaxed and additionally era of every report could be very hard.  the prevailing machine is a manual work and is have to require so much of manpower and it’s far very time-consuming procedure.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is totally pc based one. In this, all facts are entered into the computer and stored it lets in to shop large quantity of information. Since the gadget is developed to provide the visual environment, it’s far very smooth for the evaluator to get apprehend and work on it. In this evaluator need no longer trouble about the common information entry mistakes in addition to the not unusual facts fields established in opposition to pre-designated policies and rules.

We can get any information about the technique at online because of software abilities reviews may be generated in a timely fashion and in appealing and favored way. The statistics safety exams are made to save you unauthorized get entry to by other customers. The machine is users friendly with the aid of offering tree view controls, custom designed textual content boxes, combination boxes and different alternatives. Considering database is completely normalized, reminiscence utilization is very less as compared to the current manual system.

Download Text Editor Project in Java source code, Project Report, and PPT.