Time Tracker Billing and Invoice Management Project is a web based java application. This project is specially developed for software companies for managing customers support in various areas. 

Time Tracker Billing and Invoice Management Project

Project Overview:

Software companies require management software for managing works like time tracking, billing and invoice management. At present companies are working on manual system where details are managed in records. 

Features of this application:

Time tracking: In this feature employee will track client product details and status of work with all details.

Billing : Using billing we can generate billing of products and details are stored in database.

Invoice : For every client invoice is generated and delivered to client.

Output Screens Overview:

 Main form consists of five menu options. Home, about us, client registration, login and contact us details.

Login form: For every module there will be login form user who should register with application to get user id and password.

admin form: Admin form will have three features add project, project status, logout forms. Using add form admin can add new project to the list by entering project id , client and project name. Project status form will have project and phase options we can see status of project as completed or pending or cancelled.

Analyst Form: This form will have develop SRS for project, Modify SRS for project and Log out. 

Using develop srs form we need to select project id client and project name and then update. software , hardware and functional requirements.

Using Modify SRS form we can modify already added software, hardware and functional requirements.

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