The intention of this project is to automate different functionalities of a Transmitter Manufacturing company. There are different types of transmitters and each transmitter has many specifications. It is very tedious process for the customer to select a particular transmitter manually.

So to ease the process, In this project we are giving option for the admin of the company to enter the specifications of each transmitter in to the site. He can alter the product details later on and he can also delete a product from the list. He has the privileges to perform different operations on the product.

Customers can login to the site and they can view the details of different transmitters and can select the product with the specifications that he want. After selecting a particular product with the specification of his need, he can order the product.

This project helps the company people to maintain the details of different transmitters efficiently. It also helps the customers to choose a particular product by looking at all the product details.

Modules Overview:

This project is divided into four modules depending on the operation they are going to perform.

It consists of FOUR modules. Namely

1)    Administrator

2)    Customer

3)    Process

4)    Transmitter Details

Administrator is the main actor of the entire system. He has the privileges to add new transmitter details and specifications of each product. He can also modify specifications of existing transmitters. Once the administrator login to the site, he can do all the operations.


This module stores the details of all the customers for future contacts of the company. The details given by the customer in entry login by Registering in the site, will be stored in the Company database.

Once registered, he can login to the site, and can view the details

Of different transmitters. There will be different types of transmitters and each transmitter is divided into two types, A-series and C-series.

Customers can view the specifications of different transmitters. After knowing all the details, he can place an order with the specifications that will match his requirements.

Process: In this module, once after the customer confirmed a particular transmitter, he can generate quotation for the product he need. Administration dept of the company will see the quotations placed by different customers and will process their order.

Transmitter Details:

       This module intended to be used by the admin dept of the company to generate about different types of transmitters and they can view the no. of orders placed on a particular transmitter based on daily, weekly and monthly wise.

This module gives the details of Seven Transmitters and their features

  • Absolute pressure transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Remote seal type transmitter
  • Differential pressure transmitter
  • Remote seal type differential transmitter
  • Flow transmitter
  • Level transmitter

 Advantages of the System

1) User Interfaces are developed using frames in this project, through which we can see the details of specifications and can select one after another easily. We will have multi view with frames.

2) It helps company persons to maintain the details and specifications of each transmitter efficiently. Once they entered the details of the transmitters, they can also modify the specifications of the product in future.

3) In eases the process of selecting a particular transmitter for the customers. They can select a particular transmitter by viewing all specifications of that product.

4) It has the flexibility to do enhancements in the future if we want.

Download Transmitter Online Purchase and Information System project source code in java with project report.