Truth Finder project is a new concept on web which plays important role on web for providing accurate information for users for searched query.

Truth Finder Project

Truth Finder Project Introduction:

In present fast growing technology internet is playing important role in every field from education to business..etc. Because of fast growth of web technology and number of users using internet has given new problems and solutions. There are many advantages similarly there are many disadvantages one among them is questions on truth of content. There are many websites which are providing false information like wrong details of height of mount everest, distance between places..etc.

        This problem is named as Veracity problem. In this project report we will explain in detail about percentage of truth content on web and how search results are displaying them.

In order to solve this problem we are designing a new algorithm called truth finder which will give accurate results with correct information.  Sites which are providing accurate details are ranked first.

Module 1: Collection of unrelated data

First we will create database for storing unrelated data for each object and this object will hold facts which will be used for verification.

Module 2: Data Search:

Based on user search query data link is retrieved from database of that specific searched object.

Module 3: Truth Algorithm:

Veracity problem is solved using this algorithm in this algorithm we analyze website trust worthiness by looking after the importance of website shown on other trust worth sites.

Module 4: Result Calculation:

Search results are displayed based on the performance calculation. In this process algorithm will check for total best link count and results are displayed. 

Download TruthFinder project in Java with source code , Project Documentation and PPT.