University Admission Management System Project in java has been developed for automate the process of admission from starting stage to admission process and it is also update the daily reports on daily activities in the system.

University Admission Management System Project Introduction:

Now a days we are very with our life schedule so we want everything computerization system like admission process is also computerize for the big courses in universities because of that reason we proposed university of admission system. The main objective of this project is to reduce the time in admission process for students and reduce manpower with less paper work with implementing computerized system.

The main activities of this project is sell the admission form in online then check their verification details in web after that send call letter for eligible students for entrance exam then check merit list , lastly send call letter for short listed  students and allocate admission data and other details. In this system the universities can communicate with various school boards and with hostel managements as well as student management system.

Existing System:

In the existing system there we don’t have any centralized data system. So by performing more activities it has to take lots of time and paper work is very difficult to handle in the admission process.

Proposed System:

This is a web based application so it enables multiple department multi division system handling in online system. In our proposed system we have centralized process for data base management.

System Requirements:

Hardware requirements in our project are processor: pentium4, hard disk: 40GB, RAM: 256GB and software requirements are operating system: windows XP/2003, user interface: HTML, client side scripting: java script, programming language: JAVA, web application: JDBC, JNDL, SERVLETS, JSP 

Download University Admission Management System Project Documentation

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