This project entitled “university attendance machine” is a utility software developed in Java language the usage of java as front end and ms access as backend.

The principal goal of “college attendance Management System” is to improve the services of college students and mother and father. It keeps the information attendance of students and additionally updating for the same. it additionally stores the details of numerous customers of the schools, non-public facts and exam info of the pupil.

The number one capabilities of the mission entitled “university attendance system” are proper design flexibility and easy availability for various users. and also it makes use of database tables.

Existing System:

In the existing methods, maintaining distinctive colleges records within the state isn’t possible for the individual that wants to be part of inside the direction in line with his qualification and his raking. for that student who has to go to person district/city inside the country and find the address, about that college and guides availability, may be very expansive.This isn’t clean for the students and in addition to time-consuming technique.

Proposed System:

The usage of this project you will clean get the attendance records approximately just by searching user details anyone can know attendance details based on each subject. This application can provide easy access to any student under any department within the short time. This is a standalone application with a user-friendly interface.

Download University Attendance System Project in Java Swings Project code, report.