Project on university frequently asked questions is a web portal useful for colleges to help students in preparing examination in a better way and help students to communicate with professors for any queries when required. 

University Frequently Asked Questions

University Frequently Asked Questions


There are many top universities which are using latest technologies to help students in different possible ways.  There are different types of education methods where students can learn from distance education and regular. Students may not come to university or attend classes daily for these type of students online education related portals will be useful. There are applications like question and answer portals, lecturer and student communication portal.

Project abstract: 

University frequently asked questions project is developed in java programming language with mysql database. This is simple application which will help university students to search for previous exam papers and prepare for exams.

Existing and proposed system: 

In existing system students used to search for previous exam papers from internet from different websites there was no specific university website with this information.

Proposed System:

In proposed system we are using web portal from university where each year based papers are listed dividing in to branch wise.

Modules overview: 

There are three main modules in this application

The project contains three modules

  • Super User:
  • Administrator
  • Student

Module Description: 

The project contains three modules

  • Main User:

He is the main user for the application , He is head for all admins of different departments . He can manage all admins and he has permissions to upload , delete, modify any type of data from portal .

  • Administrator :

                  There are multiple admins who are part of each departments and they can update details to portal related to their department. These admins will have full control or their department data and they can upload previous papers , delete data or modify data.

  • Student:

Student module will have registration form and they can login to portal and select department and look after year wise papers and download question papers and send feedback to admin. 

Download University Frequently Asked Questions Project Source code in java with project report.