The project entitled Vehicle Showroom Administration is developed In java programming language using mysql as back end. 


This software is prepared for a vehicle show room, to maintain details of the vehicles, vehicle types, also to take quotation printing, invoice printing etc., our client is a Yamaha dealer selling Yamaha vehicles. There are around 20 executives are working in the show room. At least two three employees leaves the job every month.It is a tough task for management to explain in detail to student every time. In order to solve this problem this software will be helpful where details of every vehicle are updated to database which can be viewed just by a click.


The purpose of this document is to specify requirements and to give guidelines for the development of above said project. In particular it gives guidelines on how to prepare the above said project.

This document is intended to be a practical guide for people who developing this software.


This is integrated software; It is having options to manage day to day activities of the vehicle showroom. So it can be used in any vehicle show room across country. So it is having wide acceptance across the country.


The main goal is to prepare the good software to manage the vehicle show room.

Hardware and Software requirement

Software Requirement

Front End                   :       Java, springs, html,

Back End                   :       MS Sql Server

Operation System        :       Windows 7

Or                                        Windows 8