Video Steganography project in java is designed to improve security of information by hiding data inside video file. There are many methods in the existing system like hiding data inside image and using cryptography techniques for protecting secured information. Considering issues in these systems video steganography application is designed.

Video Steganography

Video Steganography Module Description:

This system is divided into three modules:

  1. Sending message
  2.  Encryption module
  3.  Decryption module.
  4.  Receiving message 

1.Sending message

The sender can send a message to the destination more securely. This can be done by attaching a video file to the message. So the third party can be unaware the secret message. They think that a video file is sending and they not at all know about this secret sending of the message.

Encryption module

In this a sender  can encrypt a file by entering a key.The same key must be entered Same key must entered during the decryption process.

Decryption Module

This process can be done by entering the key that previously entered during the Encryption process. If the entered key is wrong the message won’t be received correctly.

Recieving Message

In this the Reciever  can receive the  hidden message by the decryption process.In this the user enter the same key as the sender sends.The receiver can receive the message by correctly entering the key.

Youtube video link to view full project design details and screen shots.

Download Video Steganography Project in Java Source Code with project report and documentation, ppt.