Virtual desktop E learning project  in java is a web based project which is designed to help students and to communicate from different location and share information. This application is useful for education purpose. 

Main Modules of Virtual Desktop E learning Project: 

Client (Student) Module:

The Client side software module is used to prepare client side application .The client (student) can interact with trainer application by using this application .This application is used to grab the trainer desktop screen and hear the voice of trainer. 

Admin Module:

 The web application allows students and trainers to register if they want to interact with each other with their software .This application acts as administrator in between the student and trainer applications Our Admin module helps you plan, organize, and manage an event. Admin module takes care of ownership for all logistics and project management activities including registration setup, evaluation forms, and confirmation of registration and attendance reports. 

Trainer Module:

The Trainer side software module is used to prepare trainer side application. This application is responsible to provide screen object to all students and share the voice to the students. Trainer manages flow of the presentation, loading of event materials, management of event capacity and questions from trainees. With an in-room facilitator, the presenter can concentrate on the content of the presentation rather than on the mechanics of running the event.

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