Virtual Private Network project is a java based application which covers key concepts of designing VPN networks. Design and development details are provided for this project.

Virtual Private Network Project Report

Proposed Virtual Private Network Project:

The need of using a VPN is to provide the service of internet in a highly secure way. This process a router, ATM  switch and internet to connect too or more LAN or WAN network lopologies located at various sites.

In order to establish this we have built our own software. This software is divided into two the Server side or the Head Office program and the Client side or the Branch Office program. The Client comprises of the  “Data Collecting Forms” and the Server side comprises of the  “Report Box” wherein the data sent get appended for each transaction.


We plan to implement an server that can receive requests for a bit stream transfer. This bit stream will be encrypted using Encryption algorithm. When received by a client, the bit stream will be decrypted using a public key and a private key pair. This decrypted message will then be displayed on the screen. If successful, the message will be a random fortune provided by the Server administrator who is running the server. This project serves two purposes: First, it allows the programmers to explore more deeply the topic of data encryption and securities. Second, it allows the programmers to see how clients and servers interact in the network environment and how to specify the proper protocols.

Download Virtual Private Network Project Report , source code, project documentation.