The objective of Virtual Private Network Project in Java is to measure the quality of the streaming the client server performance over VPN technology. Virtual private network technology is one of the fastest growing technology in communication. Designing a effective voice over ip network for organizations will be a useful for providing. This application main aim is to explain quality of voice in voip.i) The performance of streaming activity (traffic in and out) and ii)delay based on round trip time.

Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network Project Scope :

 The proposed System will have two modules.

  1. VPN Gateway
  2. VPN client

 The VPN Client is a desktop application, which is used to browse, find and transfer files through the Virtual Private Network. This application must be installed in all the machines in the networks to use the VPN. A single application in each network will act as a gateway and it will update the network information to the VPN gateway.
             Each action on the client will be send through the gateway after encryption and thus the network will remain always secure. Each packet that received by the client will be passed through the authorization process to block intruders. The responses of the network will show in the client graphically.

            The VPN gateway can be developed using J2EE and the client can be developed using JAVA swing.

The Administrator can do the following actions:

  1. Register
  2. Login
  3. Change Password
  4. Admin Actions
  • Receives the message
  • Applies the VPN concepts
  • Forwards the message to the concerned user.
  • Sends the message(File)
  • Receive the message(File)

Download Virtual Private Network Project in Java Source Code, project Report, Documentation, PPT.