Web App Scanner Project in Java is a web application where user can scan their web applications. Now a days attack on application layer increased drastically. Organizations are providing security at the network level but are unable to protect customer’s sensitive information at application level.

Web App Scanner

            Thus WebApp Scanner helps in scanning web applications and detecting the possibility of attacks on the applications. Whenever a web application is developed by an organization, they can upload their entire application into this site, so that it can be scanned and report can be generated.  This report helps them to identify possibility of attack by the hacker and thus they can increase their security measures accordingly. 

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Existing System

 Now a days e-commerce application has been increased rapidly. Every organization wants to facilitate their customers by providing them online services. Organizations highly concentrate on providing security at network level by maintaining firewalls and using different encryptions but they don’t concentrate on application layer, giving a way for hackers to attack applications. 

Problem in Existing System

    i.            Lack of security at application layer
    ii.            By thinking like a developer and identifying shortcuts that the developer would have created, a hacker can wreak havoc on a vulnerable application and its surroundings infrastructure within matter of hours, using a web browser.
   iii.            Those  attacks can bring a business to standstill, cost a company millions of dollars in cost transactions and potentially tarnish its brand image 

Proposed Web App Scanner Project:

  Proposed system provides a solution to existing system by extending its facilities as follows:

  i.            Using this system customer can check their web applications during design.
  ii.            They can easily scan their applications just by uploading them.
 iii.            Customers can view their scan reports and can analyse the level of security they need to improve at application layer.
 iv.            This system also helps in creating awareness about different hacking techniques and their remedies

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