Web Page Design Project or Web frame work is very useful for the all developer when they designing any web page or web site. This system gives the full details of all languages they can use to develop the web pages.  This system gives the full details of all languages like PHP, JSP and ASP.Net etc. 

Web Page Design Project

After registering with system they can develop web pages in any language mentioned above. This system is will give the full knowledge of the designing and developing of web pages. In this system you can develop static and dynamic HTML pages. Static pages are part of the dynamic pages and code generates in HTML. One can create number of Static pages in static web site. But in dynamic web site one can create n number of pages with links and present in different formats.

            Web framework is totally web based application this can be registered by the person who knows about the developing languages. To use this tool only register with the system is enough automatically they can create web pages in their own language.

List of contents in project Report:

Students can download full project documentation which consists of project abstract, existing and proposed system details, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, flow chart, class diagram, screen shots. This SRS will provide step by step procedure to execute project. For creating database use sql file which is provided in download file.

Download Web Page Design Project in java source code , project report, ppt