Whole sale mart management system is a software application which can be used in big marts to manage inventory related information.  Information of goods with stock and time of delivery and reports related information can be managed using this software.


Warehouse management system is a web application which is designed to manage employees and management of goods. Using software application it is easy to manage employees, staff, goods and controlling available resources.  These software applications are useful business tools for fulfilling business needs.  This application is replaced by spread sheets where data is managed.  Other than goods management it is useful for planning, ware house storage locations, organizing, staffing , directing, controlling.

Project abstract:

Whole sale mart management system software is a web application which is useful for managing goods and stock availability and intake and outgoing reports with cost and billing details.  This software is divided in to multiple modules admin, sub locator, retailer, supplier and customer.

Existing and proposed system:

Comparing existing and proposed system main difference is in how data is managed in existing system excel sheets are used for updating stock details using proposed system we are using web application where data is stored in database.


Maintenance module:  Using this module detail of employees and management related data is updated to database.

Stock receiving: When new stock is received to mart details of stock are updated and displayed in this module

Shipping module: When users purchase stock details of stock out going with time and date and customer information with billing is done in this module.

Billing module: After issuing stock bill is generated in this module.


Software requirements:


Client – side Scripting                 : Javascript

Programming Language                    : Java

Backend Database                        : Oracle/SQL Server/MY SQL/MS Access

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