Financial companies need a effective application like work scheduling and planning related web applications which can schedule , monitor employee and generate reports and submit reports to head office and computerise work process. 

Work Scheduling and Planning Project

Work Scheduling and Planning Project

Work scheduling introduction: 

Scheduling and work force management software are developed to computerise process of scheduling. This application can manage employee leaves, vacation, and compensation which is part of employee work activity management.   This software is part of HR team which can help in taking decisions on employees hike, leaves , salary.

Existing system:

In a financial company there are many employees working on different specialisation at different branches all over the country. Each branch will send employee details to head office to take any decision which is time taking process and there are chances of miss communication.

Proposed system:

In order to overcome existing system issues we need a software application which can help in fast communication between human resource management system team working in different branches and view data with a centralized database. This application will manage employee salary, work flow management and leaves, payment management, report generation.

Modules Explanation: 

Work management module: 

Using this module HR team from head office can create work schedule for each employee by selecting date and employee from the list. From one location he schedule all branches works. 

Branch and Employee Management:

Admin can manage braches details by adding new branch to list or delete old branch from list .Admin can give credentials to employee or delete old employee. 

Communication module:

These module employees can communicate with other employee using message and mails it can be done by group message or single user message.

Software Requirements:

Operating System Windows NT
Languages Java 2.0, Jsp, Jdbc, Pramati
Application Server 3.0
Web Technologies HTML, JavaScript.
Back End Oracle 8.0
Documentation Tool Microsoft word 2000

Download Work Scheduling and Planning Project source code in java with source code and project report.