The main aim of Work to Worker Project  in Java is to provide an online comprehensive solution to un-organized sector. Using this system general public or organized sector user can select the workers as per their need. At the time of worker selection he/she can view the skill, feedback given by those who have taken their service in the past and assigns work to worker. 

Work to Worker Project

Project Scope:

              1. Providing accessibility to all customers and workers who have a valid        

                 user id and password.  

              2. Select a worker as per customer needs.

              3. Providing employment to worker.

              4. Providing feedback to the worker.

              5. Rating a worker.

              6. Appropriate communication between customers and workers.

Users of the System

 1. Workers

 2. Customers (General public, builders, contractors)

 3. Administrators 

Work to Worker Project Requirements Descriptions:

1. Registration of users and customers is done through this system. Users are workers registered for a specific skill .Customers are general public, builders, contractors who are in need of workers. Registration must include election card, pan card they are unique and varied from person to person .By adapting such a mechanism secure registration of users and customers is done.

2. Workers are categorized into groups namely skilled, semiskilled etc.They can be classified into various groups depending on their skill, behaviour, dedication and workworth.Skilled workers are having more skill and semiskilled workers are having moderate skill.Working skill of a worker is decided from their work experience, rating and feedback given to them.

3. Selection of efficient workers by customers is dependent on rating and feedback given to worker. The rating of worker is evaluated through rating evaluation algorithms (based on physical and mental ability of workers).There are some performance evaluation rating descriptions like Customer focused, teamwork, Communicationskills, conflictresolution, integrity, Adapting to chage, Respect for individuals, safety, quality and efficiency.

4. Customers can form communities so that they can interact with each other about workers who worked for them.There are various customer communities like builders, contractors and general public. Customers registered in such communities interact through opinion polls are used to share customer views among each other.

5. Customers can give their feedback about workers who worked for them so that the selection of workers can be made efficiently. All the feedbacks given to a worker are shown .Customer is having only the privilege of giving feedback but not modifying existing feedback.

6. Worker can view details of cutomer’s project through this system. Details about various construction projects and ventures which have the need of workers can be included in this system.

7. Proper user manual or help must be included in this system.

Download Work to Worker Project Procedure in Java ( use google drive to download code( file-> download)