Worldwide Earthquake Registration System is online application to register all earthquake information worldwide. The site provides signup option for authorized people in each country. So that they can login and enter the earthquake information as and when happens. This information can be sharable through out the globe. Even small magnitude earthquake will come into picture through out the globe. At present only high magnitude earthquakes will come to light only through media. This website provides a platform for all the concerned people to share earthquake information between them.


The main objective of this website is to provide an option to all authorized people worldwide to register earthquakes. This information is shareable among all members of this site. So each and every member of every country can know about earthquakes as and when happen.


This application provides wider provision among many organizations to share earth quake information worldwide. So it will have wider scope.

Existing system:

In existing system there are no web applications where users from any location can view earth quake relate stats . Most of the time users should search to get information or call officials to know about details .


Present system: 

Web application with user interface will display location wise earth quake related data. This data is updated by users from different part of the world.

At present these earthquake information is entered into their registry, at it will take some time to share with rest of the world. So to fill this gap we are developing this website, in which all the authority’s world wide can enter information to this site


Admin module:

Admin will manage user details and information updated by user form different location. He can delete or update information to database.

Registration module:

User who wants to view information or update information should register with application.