The basic need of this project is to know the” Customer PERCEPTION” amongst the respondents, with regard to HYUNDAI Motors services and its products. 

Customer Perception

Scope of the study 

  • The scope is very limited because attitude of the people change according to the time.
  • The study is restricted to both Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Dist and that to among 100 respondents.
  • The study is conducted for 45 days.
  • The study is restricted to certain area. So it could not give an accurate picture about Andhra Pradesh of India. 


            From the days of industrial revolution when goods & services were produced to the present day, the emphasis has shifted from the producers to the consumer and his needs, and with the consumer becoming more involved, in the marketing process there is greater need for information regarding the consumer needs. Preferences and making them satisfied of the products & services, has led to a constant but increasing need to conduct marketing research.

            This research is an insight into the mind of the consumer, with the help of which the organizations will become aware of their pitfalls and in turn can also make improvements in the product regarding the level of satisfaction of the consumers towards their offerings in the market place.


  • To know satisfaction level about Show room’s modern looking equipment and fixtures. 
  • To know the Show room physical facilities are visually appealing or not 
  • To know Show room convenience to move around the Show room. 
  • To know the Show room people are  knowledgeable to answer the customer questions 
  • To know employees in the Show room are providing without delay services to the  customers. 
  • To know the Show rooms can  give personal attention to the customers or not. 
  • To know the Show room management is immediately responding to customer’s  problem.  

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