Customer Satisfaction MBA Project overview:

Primary Objective:

  • To study on Customer satisfaction Towards Smart Kid Education Plans of ICICI BANK. 

Secondary Objective:

  • To find out the key benefits of the smart kid educational plan. 
  • To determine the satisfaction level of the respondents on the liquidity, protection, savings of the smart kid plan. 
  • To evaluate the awareness level of the smart kid plan among the customers. 
  • To analyze the investment options available in the smart kid educational plan. 
  • To study how effectively different schemes of smart kid plan meet customer requirements in key educational milestones 
  • To give appropriate suggestions for meeting various financial requirement of customers.

Customer’s Satisfaction

 Limitations of customer satisfaction MBA Project:

This survey was restricted only to Trichy and its surrounding areas. Therefore, the findings and conclusion are valid only for this area and could not be generalized.

Due to short span of time, the researcher was able to meet 200 respondents only.

Data and information collected from the respondents regarding smart kid Education plans are based on their opinions and knowledge. Sometime it may subject to bias.

The researcher has felt inconvenient during personal interview with the respondents due to some of the respondents are reluctant to answer the given Questionnaire.

This survey expensive and time consuming because the researcher has spent a Lot of time in identifying and meeting the customers for carrying out the project effectively.


The researcher has come to conclusion that most benefits offered by the smart kid Education plans of ICICI BANK. It is clearly understood from the survey that the level of customers’ awareness regarding smart kid Education plans is termed to be not quiet satisfactory. It is obvious that the company needs to provide persuasive and informative advertisements through effective Medias like TV, Newspapers, Hoardings, Bit Notice, and FM Radio so as to increase the level of customers’ awareness regarding smart kid Education plans effectively. 

ICICI BANK, the pioneer in bringing this service will definitely attract more customers since they are redefining their products from traditional ones and introducing many new market linked products by making it more professionalized, customers never experienced before.

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