Employee Motivation project was undertaken to find out what motivated employees the most and how it was correlated to their respective age and experience. For this purpose a questionnaire was formulated and administered to the employees. The results will help the management in knowing what motivated employees the most so that they can concentrate on designing policies and systems that would manage and support a motivated workforce. 

Employee Motivation

 The Objective of the Study

The purpose of this project report is to determine the factor that motivates an employee the most and the motivational profile each employee belonged to with regards to age. This project report is meant provide information about the relationship between an employee’s age and his/her key motivator.

Need for the study

The findings of the project would provide the management with information about the employees’ key motivating factors so that they could accordingly design policies and procedures that would lead to a constantly motivated employee workforce.

Scope of the study

The study covered a sample of a hundred employees of Sourcebits Technologies. The study sought to determine the key factor that motivated employees the most and to also determine their motivational profiles with regards to their age. The study would benefit the organisation in a way of providing information on what factor motivated its employees the most.


  • The sample size was limited and thereby could not take into account all the employees of the organization for the study.
  • With the presence of a neutral answer choice, it was difficult to gauge the attitude and profile of certain respondents.
  • Contradictions were found in a few responses
  • A few respondents had chosen multiple options where only one option was required according to the question.

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